Give Me Your Windowsills


It’s that time of year again – in fact, I’m late this year. The urge to fill up every available windowsill in the house with trays of potting compost didn’t strike me until this weekend. By this time in previous years, we have been up to our ears in nasturtiums and tomato plants, all waiting for the weather to improve before they can be put out.

This year I need to restock my borders, so most of the trays are perennials – echinacea, foxglove and verbena. And this year’s special project is sage, the herb I most often miss when cooking. I have fond memories of the scent of a big sage bush in the garden when I was a child, so I am keeping a nice big sunny spot in my garden. But so far, all I have is some sage seeds lying in a damp tray of compost!

The tray in the picture is a little different – a handful of bell peppers started too late last season and then orphaned over the winter. To my amazement, they solemnly produced tiny fruit on my windowsill this week, despite snow on the ground outside.

  1. Lots of joy in nurturing and watching things grow, isn’t there. I look forward to seeing your garden photos later in the year :).

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